Have you been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease?

Are you overwhelmed with questions about your medical conditions?

Are you afraid of a future need for dialysis?


We are now proud offer the Chronic Kidney Disease K.E.E.P. Program!

K.E.E.P. stands for: (K) knowledge through education; (E) empowerment through a holistic approach; (E) early recognition and management of comorbidities; and (P) preservation of kidney function


In fulfillment of our mission to provide the highest quality of care to our patients, we adapted the K.E.E.P. Program to Metropolitan Nephrology Associates.  Our goal is to be an active partner with patients and their families through a holistic and “tender loving care”  approach, for optimum management of advanced CKD and its challenges towards progression to ESRD, thus preparing them physically, emotionally and mentally.

The K.E.E.P. Program is a structured series of educational forums, led by Analiza Guerrero, CRNP. In this program, we provide a comfortable and positive environment where you can learn more about kidney disease, have questions answered, and empower yourself through informed and healthy lifestyle choices.

The educational meetings will cover the following topics:

-Basic Kidney Overview (Structures, Functions, Causes, Diagnosis, Stages)

-Laboratory Results and Secondary Complications of CKD (Anemia, Mineral and Bone Disorder, Blood Pressure, Hyperlipidemia, Acidosis)

-Lifestyle Modifications (Nutrition and Dietary Management, Medications, Activity)

-Modality Options (PD, Home Hemodialysis, In-Center Dialysis, Nocturnal, Transplant)

-Vascular Access (Fistula, Grafts, Permacath, Vein Mapping, Vascular Surgeon Referral, Save the Vein Program)

-Psychosocial (Trip to HD Unit, Social Issues, Insurances, Available Resources, End of Life Issues)


Ask your physician today!  Classes currently are offered every Tuesday.

Family members are invited to attend and encouraged to join!